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About Us...

NohBell Corporation was formed as a “Business Practice” in November, 2002, by former Fortune 500 executives. Each partner brings a unique set of skills to the organization and a wide range of experience in “world class” business standards, with a specific focus on supply chain operations and related disciplines.

We are a business, engineering and management resource team and think tank, that make our clients more profitable by providing solutions for their complex problems. Our areas of focus are consumer goods, public infrastructure and homeland security.  
  The Bottom Line...

Looking to add to your company's profit margin..? We have helped our client's improve their bottom line through experience, efficiency and innovation.

We believe that down to earth innovation can change the way the world turns.
  Experience with Depth...

With our extensive hands on backgrounds in coffee, wine, food processing, packaging and consumer goods sectors, we deliver results based on experience and first hand knowledge.
Favorite Quote...

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time...
Leonard Bernstein
The Team  

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