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A Common Link...
The one common experience shared by all is supply chain operations. From procurement to manufacturing, from logistics to engineering, we can help design, develop and implement a world class supply chain operation for your company, around the world.
  Current Team...

 ~ Clay Burrows, dir. it services
Maureen Jensen, mgr. operations
Phil Ackley, principal consultant
 ~ Ross Seig, sr. prog. mgr.
 ~ Ad Verkuylen, vp engineering
Maurice McIntosh, cfo 
Michael Keneipp, cio 
Dan Belliveau, ceo
  Networked Teaming...
Networked Teaming offers the client flexibility in the mix of services and benefits used to support a project management team, depending on project requirements. Networked Teaming offers a wide array of Subject Matter Experts to augment the core skills of our client’s team.
International Favour...
The team is comprised of professionals from the United States, Europe, Africa and Canada providing a unique perspective on today's most complicated business issues.
Experience with Depth...
With our extensive hands on backgrounds in coffee, wine, food processing, packaging and consumer goods sectors, we deliver results based on experience and first hand knowledge.

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